Simple Mobile Answers Summary
Why is mobile the next "REALLY BIG THING"?
The worldwide audience is going mobile at a rapid pace and all the content needs to go mobile.
Do I need a mobile app to go mobile?
No. Most businesses will simply need to create a mobile-friendly version of their existing website to successfully go mobile.
How can I build my mobile-friendly website?
There are effective tools that exist to help convert websites into mobile-friendly websites. These tools may be used by you or you may choose to receive help from a design team.
How will people find my mobile website?
You will be found in the following three ways: search engines like Google & Yahoo, apps with strictly mobile internet content, and location-based mobile advertising.
I'm ready to go mobile, how do I get started?
Contact a representative from one of our partners to help you get started. They will help answer any other questions that you may have about going mobile.